Terms and Conditions

The JIB Health, Safety and Environment Tests have been introduced as the method of assessing the knowledge of people working specifically in the plumbing and mechanical engineering services industry. Passing the assessment will indicate that individuals have a satisfactory knowledge of site health and safety and basic environmental considerations.

Please carefully read through the instructions for your test and the guidelines below before taking the test. Once you are happy that you have understood everything tick the Accept terms and Conditions tick box to continue

General Notes for Your Test

  • This test consists of 40 multiple choice questions, with one correct answer and three incorrect options
  • The questions have been randomly selected from the JIB Health, Safety & Environment revision book
  • There are no trick questions that are designed to deliberately catch you out
  • You have 30 minutes to complete the test
  • The test will be under ‘exam conditions’ – please ensure your mobile phone is switched off and not used during the test
  • If, in the opinion of the invigilator a candidate acts in a disruptive manner they may be disqualified and asked to leave the room
  • If you do not answer all 40 questions within the alloted time your mark will be based on the questions answered
  • If you have any questions please speak to the invigilator

General Operative Test Results

  • To pass the test you must achieve a score of at least 35 correct answers out of 40 questions

Plumbing/Gas Specialist Test Results

  • To pass the test you must achieve a score of at least 35 correct answers out of 40 questions, which will include at least 3  correct answers out of  5  questions from the plumbing/gas specialist section (ie questions 36-40)

How the Test Works

  • Your invigilator will have given you your user ID and Password
  • The test will start when you have ticked the Accept the terms and conditions box, clicked the "Continue Button" and entered your test login details
  • If you need time to think on a particular question, move on to another one, you can return to a question and change the answer given at any time up until you feel you have answered each one to the best of your ability and submitted your test for marking
  • To answer a question hover over one of  the 4 answers to the right hand side of the question, click with your mouse and a blue tick will appear indicating you have answered the question, you can then move on to the next question
  • When you have answered a question the corresponding number along the bottom of your screen will change colour (to green), indicating how many you have answered and how many remain to be answered
  • The test will only be complete once you have answered all of the questions. Upon answering the last question you will see the options to either submit your result and finish the test or return to the test to review your questions ( if there is time left on the clock)
  • If you choose to return and review your questions, once you have chosen a new answer for any of the 40 questions you will once again be asked if you wish to end the test or return to review your answers. When you are fully satisfied with the answers you have given you should select to end the test.

If you would like to take a practice test then click here or if you are ready to take your test tick the 'I accept the terms & conditions' box